Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Falling in love with my Twin Flame

Dear Friends,

After the satsang at Unity of Chandler, a woman approached me to express her appreciation for the satsang. Her name was Amber, and she had written in her e-mail, "We have space and lots of love to share." She was going to take me to her home. Arriving at a beautiful house in Scottsdale, AZ,  we were greeted by two beautiful dogs who had so much love to give. Both Josh, her son, and Brian, her husband, welcomed me home. I settled in a comfortable room that night,  blessed by an energy vortex in the center of the space. It had a nice energy indeed.

The next day, I learned that Amber was a channel for Beings of Light. Would I like to speak with my spirit guides? Yes, okay. And so, a couple of guides spoke to me and assisted in the process of clearing my throat chakra. I could feel them quite clearly. Then Christ came into my awareness...and Mother Mary... I felt myself to be a little boy holding their hands, swinging between them. It was a deep sense of safety and happiness. I was not aware of the trials of the world anymore.

Would I like to speak with my twin flame? I had a bit of trepidation around this question. I was not interested in a normal relationship. Amber described a twin flame. Someone who brings us to greater heights of love and consciousness. We merge with this being, and through a soul connection, our mutual Light is empowered. Like two flames coming together as one brighter flame. As the energy of my twin flame came into the room, my eyes filled with tears. Amber handed me a stone that was blessed with the energy of this being. Her name was Darhmoura. Darhmoura began to speak through Amber. It seems that Darhmoura had been waiting for this moment for a long time to be reunited with me. She wanted Amber to leave the room, so we could be alone. So Amber walked out and I began to have a conversation with Darhmoura. Her words just came to my mind naturally, and for a half hour, we connected deeply, consciously. I felt my heart melt in her presence, and I was deeply moved by the feeling of love that filled my being. After sitting in meditation for a while, I came back to the room and was wonderstruck.

Amber and I chanted together a mantra of Love for all of creation. Many beings of Light joined with us to send this energy to the ends of eternity. May Swamiji's Grace fill the hearts of all beings and light the way to this ocean of Love.

In service to You,

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  1. Wonderful blog Brian! I have a friend who is coming to visit me this week who could perhaps benefit from Ambers services if u could send me her info... loriabel@gmail.com Blessssings