Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Let there be Light

Dear Friends,

What is inspiration? Breathe light into the being, and see how life changes. One's expression can become more joyous, excited, and full of vitality. If the being contains the darkness of depression or anxiety, one must empty oneself first before the light of inspiration can shine forth. Otherwise, it is easy to feel inspired one day and then lose that brilliance the next.

One way to live an inspired life is to associate with inspired people. The energy of such people will rub off on others. I love the depiction of Saint Francis in the movie, Brother Sun Sister Moon. He fell in love with God, the Holy Father, and began to beam love, joy, and compassion. He was awakened to his Soul, and when the human being is awakened to the Soul, it shines forth such inspiration that negativity cannot easily survive in this light. So his friends were highly influenced by the light, and soon, they followed him, renouncing their worldly life too. Even the Pope himself was deeply moved by the power of Saint Francis' Presence and encouraged him to spread the Teachings.

Swami Purna has been an inspiration to me. His Presence has so absolutely overwhelmed my soul that it is singing to the heavens. One can imagine a thousand angels from heaven singing together in one room, and perhaps that would touch upon my experience with Swamiji. My inner state is often exploding with  such energy that sometimes I can barely contain it. I want to share this Energy with others, and so, I set off on the road to hold satsangs. Satsang is about inspiring people - bringing the Energy of Peace, Joy, and Love. Awakening the Soul. Realizing there is only the One. God said, "let there be Light and there was Light."

With love,

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Songs for Swamiji

Dear Friends,

Many people have asked me to record my harmonium music, and I procrastinated for years, remembering the endless hours I had spent recording my first CD of mantras in the apartment closet in Austin. Last November, I passed through Phoenix, AZ and held a satsang at Gilbert Yoga. One man offered his private home studio for recording. "This must be a sign," I thought. Over the weekend, I went to visit him, and we recorded 11 mantras in about 5 hours. I called the album "Songs for Swamji." These 11 mantras contain Swamiji's Grace. They cleanse the mind, body, and soul. They focus on the paths of Divine Love, Bliss, Abundance, Devotion, Peace, Non-Duality, etc. Such a simple way to surround oneself with the Energy! Here are the mantras:

1) Omkaram Bindu Samyuktam Nityam Dhyayanti Yoginaha Kamadam Mokshadam Jaiva Omkaraya Namo Namaha
2) Narayan Sri Narayan
3) Lakshmi Mata Namo Namah
4) Anandam Premanandam
5) Sia Ram
6) Hari Om
7) Om Namo Purnaya
8) Om Sarvesam Svastirbhavatu, Sarvesam Shantir Bhavatu, Sarvesam Purnam Bhavatu, Sarvesam Mangalam Bhavatu, Sarve Bhavantu Sukinah, Sarve Shantu Niramaya, Sarve Bhadrani Pashyantu, Ma Kaschid Dukha Bhagbavet
9) Jaya Jaya Jagadamve Ma Ambe
10) Sri Purnji Karange Vera Par Re Manua Kahe Ko Dare
11) Om Purnamadah Purnamidam Purnat Purnamudacyate Purnasya Purnamadaya Purnamevavashishyate

The more one is relaxed, the deeper the Grace can heal the being. It is very useful to meditate to music and allow it to do what it wants with you.

With love,

Friday, May 9, 2014

A Poignant Moment

Dear Friend,

Sarah invited me to a hold a satsang for her Reiki Share group near Fort Worth, TX. I came in spite of my desire to attend another event that evening. Around 15 people showed up to join in satsang and a Reiki Energy exchange afterwards. After the gathering, Sarah tried to attend most of the gatherings I held in the area. It was not easy for her since she was also taking care of her 1 year old son, Jake. But she went out of her way to go to satsang.

One day, she told me she had seen Swami Purna behind me at that first gathering we had coordinated together. The Energy had called her to go more deeply into the Teachings - read His book, do His spiritual practices and connect to the mantras. She attended His conference calls and the recent retreat in Pennsylvania. Gently she would ask for guidance about how to connect to Swamiji more deeply, and I would share my own experience.

Recently Sarah went on a camping trip with her son, Jake (now 2 years old), and others. She walked alone into the woods to listen to the conference call with Swamiji that morning. Toward the end of the call, Jake approached her and took one of the earphone buds to put it up to his ear. He listened attentively, connecting to Swamiji's Grace. Sarah sent me this picture of the moment...a moment captured in history...a turning point on the wheel of Life. As I gaze at this picture, I have tears in my eyes. Jake was returning Home...

With love,

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Satsang for Children

Dear Friends,

In New York, I was invited to join a Kid's Series to hold satsang for the children. Upon arriving, I was greeted by a cheerful woman who said she had come to see me with her son, Martin. Martin appeared to be 9 years old, his mind in the state of a very young child. The woman wanted healing for her son. I said hello to Martin, and he greeted me after a prompting from his mother. I gave her a mantra to help heal his mind and brain and awaken his third eye. We talked a bit.

Then the kids came in and we all sat down to satsang. I didn't have any plans. I played the harmonium and sang with them. One of the children, a girl of about 6 years, put her head on my leg and hugged me. Another poked at the harmonium, trying to pump more air into it. The others were fidgeting and singing along, "Hari Om, Hari Om." Then we all did a gibberish meditation, talking nonsense words for about a minute before they started to get tired of it. After singing "Sia Ram" together, Bernadette, the facilitator who had been doing a healing for Martin, said, "I feel angels with us during that mantra!" Then I introduced the mantra, So Ham, Hamsa. "So Ham means 'I am That'" I said to the children. Certainly we didn't go into more detail about this definition. How could I explain such a chant? I don't even understand it! "Hamsa means 'I am the swan.' Does anyone know what a swan looks like? Can anyone draw a swan?" Then 3 kids and an adult began to draw swans. It was silent. "This is the first time we've been in silence today!" exclaimed Bernadette. After several minutes, they revealed their masterpieces. Indeed, they were excellent drawings of a swan. The young woman was an artist who had drawn a very beautiful swan.

And as we concluded, a boy handed me a purple oragami swan with a white marking on it. "I made it. It's for you." Well, I was touched by this kind gesture. Purple is the color of the Royal Path, the Raja Path that Swami Purna shares with disciples. And the swan represents the shining soul - absolute purity. "Thank you so much," I said to him and then gave the kids a hug before I left. Later, I was told that everyone had enjoyed the satsang.

With love,