Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Servant of Truth

Dear Friends,

I arrived at Stanlee's home in Oxnard, CA to hold a satsang. She had already stood out as an unusual person. I had asked her if she knew anyone who would be interested in hosting satsang, and she sent me a list of 30 people to connect with. She had created her own Facebook event to invite people to the satsang. She had also invited me to stay in the front house for an extended period of time. Inside, there was a platter of fruit and other prasad for the guests.

Once Stanlee had bought the CD, Songs for Swamiji, which I had recorded 2 months ago, she was playing it in her cottage every day all day. The Energy was growing in her space. Every time I walked inside, my mind went into a meditative state. And we were doing meditations most evenings, listening to Swamiji. One day, she said to me, "I want to go with you." Well, this statement illustrates what Stanlee stands for in this world: a servant of Truth. I replied, "I travel alone." She also connected with Brian and Isha satsang and added many more spiritual practices to her daily life. She has a sign right by her bed that says, "I am not the body. I am not the mind. I am infinite consciousness." At night, she would often bring dinner for both of us - food made with love. Every week, we were holding satsangs at her home.

One day, I held a twelve hour chant of the Hare Krishna mantra to spread Love to humanity. People went in and out of the home, listening to the music and connecting to the Energy. Most people stayed for an hour and left. One group arrived, stayed for a few minutes, and then walked out. Stanlee kept chanting and greeting people as they arrived, ready to serve tea to the visitors. For a little while, I wondered if my body would need to drink or go to the bathroom. But miraculously, there was no need for these things. Many people joined online for the chant and left comments of support. Thank you for all your prayers. Thank you, Krishna, the Divine Lord. Thank you to Swamiji, the Supreme Being.

With love,

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  1. ... And blessings abounded... joy exploded in unlikely places... Love was tangible and pure... reality was clear and shining... ... and then is still now.
    Thank you Krishna, Divine Lord. Thank you Svamiji, Supreme Being, Thank you Brianji, Vessel of Love & Devotion.