Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Kind Cop

Dear Friends,
On my way to the retreat in Hawley, PA, I was stopped by a cop name Fab. He asked for my papers and I gave them to him. Normally, fear of authority and getting in trouble causes me to freeze, but this time, I was happy to see him. Then he asked me where I had come from and where I was going. I suppose the Texas license plate was rather suspicious. I described the retreat with Swamiji as well as my 2 year journey through the US. Somehow, he was amazed at this story and asked if he could see my bed. I opened the back and he marveled at how I could be living in my van and spreading a spiritual message. What a strange concept! I gave him the website for Swamiji and also for my journey, and he said he would follow me on the blog. He also gave me some advice about how to make life more comfortable on the road. After half an hour, I said good-bye to Fab and went on my way. He was in very good spirits when I left. But I never found out why he stopped me. Perhaps Fab wanted to join a satsang on the side of the road that day. Perhaps he wanted to find Swamiji. He certainly showed me that cops are not as scary as my mind imagines them to be. May Fab be blessed with a spiritual fire in his heart.

With love,

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