Thursday, September 6, 2012

Why Can't We Float?

Dear Friends,
   After meeting David for the first time at the retreat, he invited me over to his apartment in Brooklyn to hold a satsang. A few people shared quite deeply an experience of love. The sharing created a safe space and an opening to the beautiful energy that came through. Sharing really breaks the ice in satsang especially since most of the people did not know me. Authentic sharing also requires courage and vulnerability. I bow to those who open their hearts to the Grace and risk being known. Let us be real, let us drop the mask of pretension, let us reveal our broken heart. This is where the transformation comes from.

    Today, as I fast for 24 hours, I speak to David about the clouds of depression and boredom passing through my mind. And asking Grace for more lightness in life. Then he points out the window and we see this vision of 4 blimps swimming like fish across the New York City sky. And we both started to laugh. Tears filled my eyes. Why can't we just float?


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