Saturday, March 16, 2013

Devotion gives you wings

Dear Friends,
   Devotion is the combined power of love and dedication. When you love something so much, you will  spend every second of the day thinking about it and serving its cause. My devotion is to Swami Purna, the essence of Truth. That is why I chose to take this journey.
    Truth is important to me. It is the Source of who we are. It is why we exist. Out of Truth comes the qualities of love, peace, and joy. We are all seeking these qualities. We all want permanent happiness. Normal daily thoughts have never given us permanent happiness. And every moment of our existence on this planet has been dominated by thought! We live in a world of thought. This is the Maya, the illusion, the imagination of the mind. The mind can never experience Truth. It is only a filter. The purpose of satsang is to cancel out all thoughts so that we can experience Reality as it is, not as the mind experiences it. We come to satsang to empty our mind, not get more information. As the dualities of our mind dissolve, we disappear and only the Mystery is left.
     Let us devote ourselves to the Mystery. It is the cessation of suffering and the dawn of true Peace. Wouldn't it be nice to no longer be bound by the limits of the mind? Wouldn't it be nice to go to the Great Beyond where no person has gone before? This quest is worth living and dying for. I cling to the feet of His Grace Svami Purna who represents this Presence. By connecting to the mighty Ocean, the drop becomes the Ocean. Let us return to where we came from. Let us go Home. The Beloved is waiting.

With love,

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