Sunday, March 24, 2013

Love of the Soul

Dear Friends,
   The great Sage of the Upanishads, Yajnavalkya said to his wife, Maitreyi, "In truth, it is not for the love of a husband that a husband is dear, but for the love of the soul in the husband that a husband is dear."

One could write volumes on this single statement, it is that deep. Divine Love, otherwise known as Prem in Sanskrit, is infinite and unconditional love. Reasonless love. The Heart never shuts down. It is embraces the Soul that underlies all of creation. This is the only possible way to experience Divine Love. If there is any trace of difference in the mind, then the Heart is not absolutely open to everything. If everything is realized to be the One Soul, then Love is all around and there is nothing but That. With Prem, there is no you and I, not this and that. There is only One Being. One Heart. This Love is incomprehensible to the mind. It is only when the mind is gone that this Love dawns. The mind is the lens through which consciousness is blinded, so that the recognition of One Soul is lost. Therefore, it is a very good thing when you have lost your mind. Divine madness dawns and the Beloved appears everywhere. A person may be in tears all the time because his Beloved is felt in every experience. Imagining a time when you fell romantically in love with someone, and life felt so exciting and vibrant. Why couldn't you sustain that? Wouldn't it be overwhelming to experience this feeling all the time? My Beloved is immanent in all things, and I am lost in the power of this love. I am drowned in the Ocean of Nectar.

The road to Prem means giving up all conceptions of life, all desires, and all the fundamental beliefs we have of Reality. Only then may we enter the realm of the Heart, and the lover and Beloved become One.

At Your Service,

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