Saturday, March 29, 2014

One young girl

Dear Friends,

Recently I held a satsang at Unity Church in Stockton, CA where about a dozen people joined in communion. One young girl sat right in front of me on the floor and listened very intently. For some reason, I felt a powerful joy flowing through my being, and so, joy became the theme of the gathering. In Sanskrit, the word is "sukam." In one of the meditations, I suggested that everyone remember a time when they felt great joy. We visualized it and brought back the feeling of that moment in time. Then I asked if anyone wanted to share their memory. The girl in front raised her hand and said, "When my mom and dad got back together." Her parents were there, beaming. I closed my eyes, feeling deeply moved.

"What she says is very symbolic," I said. In many spiritual and religious traditions, God is defined by the Mother and Father, the husband and wife. One side of God cannot exist without the other. According to Christ, he represents the Father/Mother. According to Vedic tradition and Hinduism, Shiva and Shakti or Purusha and Prakriti are the two aspects of God. The Father principle is that inconceivable aspect that witnesses creation while the Mother principle is creation itself. It is usually easier to worship the Mother since she is associated with form. The Father is above and beyond the mind, the expression of non-duality. As the Mother and Father come together as One, we realize the Supreme Being, the One God. This idea is very philosophical since we cannot comprehend It. Only when we realize It can we Know.

Yet this small girl innocently stated perhaps the most profound realization in the universe. When Mother and Father join, True Joy dawns, and we return to our Source. I, too, am happy that her mom and dad got back together!

With love,

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