Saturday, December 6, 2014

Sanctuary for Peace

Dear Friends,
This year, the Sanctuary for Peace has been established in Ojai, CA by Svami Purna for the upliftment of all beings on this planet - perhaps the most important happening of our time. It is a holy land infused with the divine power. A few months ago, Svami Purna blessed the land with a satsang, chanting "Namah Shivaya Namah Shivaya Namah Shivaya Namo Namaha." This mantra invokes the power of Shiva, God of Transformation, to sanctify the area.  With moist eyes, Swamiji was clearly moved by this momentous occasion - a moment He had been waiting for - to help bring humankind to the Light.

A month ago, I drove down from Stockton, CA to the Sanctuary to join the first Full Moon satsang. It was a 6 hour drive. The monthly Full Moon gatherings are designed for seekers who wish to connect to the spiritual Moon, a symbol of the enlightened mind. It is a powerful time to do spiritual practices. The Sun symbolizes the Sat Guru. Just as the Sun lights up the full moon, the Sat Guru empowers the spiritual seeker with His Grace.

Svami Purna's retreats will be held at the Sanctuary for Peace. Like the days of yore in India, people will gather around the Master and bask in the Spiritual Energy under the open sky - a beautiful reconnection to Mother Nature. This Sanctuary is a Beacon of Light for the world, a place where the Golden Age flourishes.

25% of the donations I receive from satsangs and individual healings go to support the Sanctuary for Peace.

May we work together in peace and harmony. May we cultivate love in all our actions and thoughts. May we seek the Light with our entire being.

Om shanti shanti shanti,

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