Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Perfect Storm

Dear Friend,
My good friend invited me to stay at Joy's health clinic in a town north of San Francisco. Two nights in a row, they invited me to visit their home for dinner and a chant. Joy's parents lived there too.

The first night, we chanted together, laughed together, and connected to the Energy while the parents stayed in their room. The second night, we chanted the Hare Krishna mantra with the harmonium while Joy's daughter played her ukelele. It sounded beautiful and felt blissful. Suddenly the father came into the room and began to yell about the noise, directing his anger primarily at me. He shouted in Chinese, stating that they couldn't sleep. I didn't understand the words he was saying. Furthermore, my mind was flooded with such a happy energy that all I could do was gaze at him with a broad smile on my face. It appeared to be a divine play. Then he left, and I told everyone that it was time to go back to the clinic. We finished our music at the clinic, and then everyone went to bed.

For the first time, I discovered that it was possible to remain happy even in the face of someone's powerful anger. It was also fascinating to see that no one came to my defense during this attack. I faced the confrontation alone. It was my opportunity to meet a challenge that rarely happened to me. How can one remain completely at peace at all times? It is easy to remain peaceful when everyone is nice. But the true buddha is one who is unaffected by any attack, no matter how strong. After sitting in a cave and meditating all day, one must be in the world and meet worldly situations. That is the school of life. That is the test of one's enlightenment. Yes, I am grateful for this confrontational situation and for the people who played their part. It was no one's fault. It was the creation of a perfect storm.

With love,

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