Saturday, August 11, 2012

Friends with Myself

Dear Friends,
   I arrived in Fort Collins for its birthday party. The beautiful Colorado city bustled with thousands of people who were there to listen to famous bands and partake of the many foods. I went straight to Om Ananda Yoga studio. Sarada, the director, had kindly invited me to do kirtan (singing to one's Beloved) on Friday night. I am deeply moved by her kindness and acceptance. I hope to meet her personally one day to thank her for allowing me to use her space.
   Near the studio, I discovered a little alley where a friendly youth named Jasper was playing a brightly painted piano. I sat down to play the piano, and thought I would bring the harmonium to play in the alleyway. So for the next 3 afternoons, I played the harmonium and sang sanskrit mantras to the passersby. At first, I was quite shy and embarrassed and looked away from the onlookers. But by the 3rd day, this self-conscious aspect was mostly dissolved. I was advertising the upcoming satsang, and this music was to uplift people and purify the city environment with its vibration. It seemed, in fact, that most people had their own shyness and would often just glance surreptitiously at this street musician. I made a couple of friends during the performance. One of those friends was my own self. It seemed that my body was walking taller and more confidently after playing for the people. Somehow, I cared less for other's judgments and thoughts.
   Well, it turned out that two people arrived at the satsang at Om Ananda Yoga Studio. The rest probably joined the throng who had showed up for Fort Collins birthday. We had a beautiful chant, singing the names of the Lord. Please let me continue to chant His name constantly 'til the end of time. Let me bring His Name to others for the upliftment of His Cosmic Creation. May Om Ananda flourish with His Grace. Thank you, Sarada!

All my love,

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