Monday, August 6, 2012

Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Mission

Dear Friends,
   I visited the SCS Mission in Salt Lake City this past weekend. Grace certainly planned it so that I could arrive at the monumental installation of the Sri Chaitanya installation at the temple. This event is so significant that the installation day will be celebrated every year from now on.
   When I arrived, they were about to begin the Hari Nam march through the streets of Salt Lake. Joyfully we danced along the sidewalk, chanting Hare Krishna and playing various instruments. It was my first Hari Nam, celebrating Sri Chaitanya's early morning march a thousand years ago. The picture down below is a remembrance of our walk. Three great Sanyasins (renunciants) were in town - the guests of honor. The next day, we hiked through the mountains nearby along pristine lakes surrounded by towering trees. And the last day, we celebrated the installation of Sri Chaitanya, chanting devotional songs in sanskrit and singing the name Hari.
   I had the opportunity to wash many dishes and help out in other ways. The devotees serve the Lord in such a focused and powerful way that I was very much humbled. They treat one another as family, taking care of one another's children and cooking free and delicious food for large numbers of people. Indeed, seva is taken to such a high level in the community that I have not seen the likes of it anywhere. 
    Thank you to Sudarshan and his mother, Mata, for having me at the temple. They work tirelessly for the Lord. May I learn from their incredible example.

with love,

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