Monday, August 6, 2012

Satsang in Novato

I went to Novato, CA, just north of San Francisco, to hold satsang at the accupuncture clinic where Terrence and Joy tirelessly work together. Terrence took me to Mount Tamalpais, a holy mountain above Mill Valley. The energy is brought forth by the divine mother who dwells in all of creation. Satsang was centered around appreciation. Who is your life do you appreciate and love? What about that person or animal or thing do you love? This feeling of love is the key to opening the heart. When love is present all the time, suffering cannot touch you. One young woman spoke of her father who had just passed away. He had supported the family and given everything to support them. As we listened, we had tears of empathy for this woman's love. Her father was at the satsang in spirit. We can only learn from his example. I found that this participation, again, adds such depth to satsangs. Let me continue to learn the skill of listening to others. There are jewels in their words.

Terrence and I did a puja to bless the clinic. He is helping me to put together a couple of short recordings of the satsang. Thank you, Terrence, for your devotion to Truth. You are my teacher. Up above is Terrence sitting in meditation on Mount Tamalpais.

Joy gave me a a free accupuncture treatment and loaded me with homemade food for my journey. Thank you, Joy, for supporting the spiritual cause. Your generosity goes so far and beyond!

with love, Brian

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