Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I am One, I want to be Many

Dear Friends,
I contemplate the statement, "I am One, I want to be many." How is it possible to explain this koan? If I am One, how can there be an individual and many objects? Yet it is happening. The One Divine Mind dreams itself into countless characters that play out their roles according to their programming or karma. Yet still there is only One Being that cannot be seen, cannot be touched and cannot be understood.

Consider a dream at night. I dream I am one character interacting with so many other characters and it seems so real that I may start to sweat or scream in my sleep. Indeed, I truly believe I am that character in a dream world. Yet when I wake up, I find that none of it actually happened. My mind created all the characters and played them so realistically that it became the reality. Yet now I find myself waking up as "me" again. The illusion of the dream was so real that I believed it to be true.

What if this reality now - the Brian character typing on a computer - is the exact same scenario. I must wake up one more time from the Brian-identification to find out that it was all a dream.  That it seemed so convincing that I took it seriously and suffered for it. When consciousness is "woken" from the dream, it becomes what it is. The Ultimate Truth. The Divine Mind. The Infinite Presence. The entire Brian-character was just a dream.

"I am One, I want to be Many." How is it possible?

With love,

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