Monday, April 22, 2013

Dissolution of the World

Dear Friends,
    Consider your experience of the world. It is all based on thought, and all thoughts are passing feelings. None of them are permanent. Even the idea of "me." The sense of "me" changes as well as thoughts about others, the world and God. None of it is the Truth. All thought is a passing illusion made up in the mind. Therefore, our experience of reality is untrue. It is purely based in this illusion. When we believe firmly in the illusion - that there is a me and a separate world - we suffering according to this identification. Whatever happens to the "me" cause happiness or sadness. Thus, life is like living on a little boat in the ocean that can be capsized any moment by a big wave.

The purpose of Jnana Yoga is to contemplate on the reality that we have created out of the identification with the ego. Look at every thought and say, "not this, not this." This is not me, this is not me. And one by one, the belief in separate me dissolves and thus, the whole world disappears from the mind and one is left with the True Self, the Absolute Reality, That which is inconceivable and beyond the mind. Then there is no one left to suffer. The true Awakening is the awakening from the dream of thought, the identification with mind and body. We are so attached to thought and body that we truly believe we are these things. In other words, the more we indulge in the illusion of thought and desire and habitual patterns of life, the more we solidify the sense of me. The more solid the me, the deeper the suffering. The more we let go of the sense of me, its selfishness and desires, the less suffering occurs. Let us begin to question this separate sense of self. Who am I? As the ego dies, consciousness is freed from the person, and Truth is revealed - infinite, whole, complete...Purna

With love,

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