Saturday, April 27, 2013

Meeting Mataji

Dear Friends,
    Recently I met Merrill and Mataji in White Plains, NY through a meditation Meet-Up group. After having dinner with them, I attended Mataji's class, and at the end, Maria, one of the students, offered to house me. At night, I tried to turn on Persistence, but she was dead. I had left the headlights on. So Maria called her husband, Harry, who immediately came to assist. He attached the jumper cables and after a few minutes, Persistence came to life. I followed them home and settled in my new room. Satsangs have been happening every day. Today I attended a meditation at the home of Mataji and Merrill. At the end, they asked me to hold kirtan (singing to Divinity). I had composed a song called "Mataji, Jai, Jai" which we all sang together. I had tears in my eyes. Mataji held her palms together and continued to express her namaste throughout the music. She is the expression of the Mother of the Universe. I bow to the Divine Mother which breathes life into our heart, mind, and body. She is the Creation itself, the life force of manifestation.  Oh, Divine Mother, bring us into Your arms and show us how to love You.

Always at Your service,

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