Sunday, September 15, 2013

Bowing in humility

Dear Friends,
    Yesterday Uncle Ted, Aunt Madolyn, cousin Lizzie, and I picked apples from the trees in an orchard. Many of the trees bowed low to give the fruit. This is the spirit of Mother Earth. Humbly she bows in service to the humans and gives in abundance. That is why some people worship Her. She is the one who provides everything that the body is made of. How can we give back to Her? She has given so much.
    In the even, I traveled 2 hours north to Port Huron with Kailash, Krishnamoyi, and Atmaram to hold a kirtan at a retreat. I was planning to watch, but Atmaram asked me to sit with them and lead 2 songs. That was a surprise, and I was very happy to serve. The Energy was beautiful, and the people were so appreciative of the event.
    As we headed back, we were eating the apples that had been picked that morning. Aunt Madolyn had suggested I bring some of this delightful fruit. Atmaram explained the benefits of sharing kirtan - chanting of the Holy Names of God. Ask others to join in the music and practice together. Each person who joins in the practice becomes a servant of the Lord and also has the opportunity to immerse him or herself into the Energy. Then the music is not so much focused on a one person performance, but rather a community coming together to share in the Communion. Yes, each person is an aspect of the Divine. No one is higher or lower. The mind believes in separation.
    There is only One Being...infinite...whole...complete... Thank you, Swamiji!

With love,

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