Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Beyond form

Dear Friends,
    Recently I was invited to a yantra meditation with Victoria. She paints beautiful pictures of yantras - brilliant, swirling colors coming to a single point in the center called the bindu. Yantra is a doorway into the formless essence. It cannot be understood because it is beyond conception of the mind. That is why its meaning cannot be explained adequately. It is an ancient symbol in Vedic tradition that provides a powerful focal point for meditation. And these yantras contain the blessing of Swami Purna. This means that Victoria must go through sometimes difficult purification in order for the yantra to come through. Surrendering her life and ego to the will of the Holy Spirit. It can hurt physically, mentally, emotionally...but after going through the fire, she comes out as pure gold.
    According to Victoria, she had had a clear vision before I had confirmed my attendance that I would be the only one to attend out of the many people she had invited. It was true. We focused on the Agni Yantra - a red, orange, yellow, and white whirling flow of paint marked with a tiny bindu in the middle. The Yantra of Fire. That power which is present throughout the universe in physical form or potential. Oh, God of Fire, we bow to Thee - the One who digests food, keeps our bodies warm, lights up the stars, and gives light to the Cosmos. The One who purifies old emotional patterns that are no longer needed. The spiritual fire that burns illusion and ignorance and allows us to see beyond the world of Maya. Victoria gently guided the meditation, suggesting that we let go of any ideas of yantra. I was pulled into the center of the yantra and felt the energy of fire from heart to crown chakra. Thoughts came up and burned in the energy. Mind focused more deeply until it began to meditate by itself. Closing my eyes, I could still see the shape of the yantra in opposite colors of green and blue and black. That was kind of neat.

    Yantra is a profound way to connect to Grace. So simple, so elegant, so cleansing. Yantra calls me to   my home beyond form. Letting go, allowing It to be revealed which has always been.

With love,

(for more information on these beautiful yantras, please send me an e-mail)

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