Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My prayer

Dear Friends,
    At a recent satsang in Miami, someone asked if I would come down from Orlando to hold satsang on her birthday on December 31st. This request struck the core of my heart. Someone wants to dedicate her birthday to God? Inwardly, I was collapsing. You want to do this on your birthday? Not many people spend a birthday honoring Him. And surely no one ever requested something so beautiful in such a direct way. "Yes, I would be honored to hold satsang with you on your birthday." Remembering....He gives birth to us, He breathes us, He speaks us, He gives us the feeling of love. I am quite overwhelmed by this request. Tears fill my eyes. How can I forget Him who has given everything? I will do anything for You.
    I realize there is a prayer that must be expressed.
To my dearest Beloved,
    There are some of my friends that desperately want to return to You. The wish is so strong that sometimes they are crying day and night for You. And their longing is becoming stronger day by day. Please hear the cry of my friends. Their hearts cannot live without You. Oh, Lord, You are the Soul of the Universe. You are beyond my mind's understanding. Your ways are mysterious. I am amazed by your Power. Your Light is so bright, I cannot face it directly. Although I cannot face You directly, I beg you to bring these friends to Your Light...to make their surrender complete. How may I assist You in making this wish come true? Please show me the way.

with love,

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