Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Honoring others

Dear Friends,
    I was invited to hold a private satsang in honor of Kip, Karen's brother, who had just passed away at a relatively young age. I said "yes." But my stomach was in butterflies. I've never held the space for such an occasion. And I had never met Kip.
    MaFer and I arrived at the event in a feeling of unknown. My mind could not grip onto any words or ideas. Surprisingly open to whatever was to unfold. We sat down and contemplated on the nature of death. What happens to us when the body passes away? Well, the real question begs to ask: "Am I this body that lives and dies in such a brief period of time?" The body and mind are thoughts. Sensations arising in mind. They rise and fall. None of the thoughts last. They are constantly changing. If all the thoughts of body, mind and senses constantly change every moment, how can I truly be a changing thought? I watch the changes. I am not the changes themselves because they pass away. So what watches the impermanence of mind and body? When this revelation comes, the immortal Self shines through like millions of stars. I am the Cosmos, the infinite presence that contains all the passing thoughts of this universe. Shed this costume of a temporary human mind and embrace the Truth. You were never born, You can never die, and You are timeless.
    The passing of Kip's body brought people together to look beyond themselves. To something greater than a mortal body. He brought us together to realize how wonderful it is to pray for others. To honor those who have passed on, to send them light and love. To remember how precious each person really is. To recognize the Divine spark in our fellow beings on this Earth. To help others realize this Divine spark. To let go of my own desires and serve a greater Power.  Oh Lord, you are embodied in all of creation. Let me worship you in your awe-inspiring glory for all of eternity. Let me serve You with every particle of my being. Verily, this mind, body, and soul has always been Yours.

With love,

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  1. brother passed away here in Ocoee, Fl., January 5, 2011...his childhood nickname (up in Ohio and in Southern CA) was Kippy. Odd. But your words in this blog post have and shall continue to help others coping with similiar losses/(gains?)