Saturday, May 4, 2013

Spiritual Retreat

Dear Friends,
What is the purpose of a spiritual retreat supported by the Energy of Svami Purna? We are in the field of Light which heals the body, mind, and soul and clears karma, bringing us into a deeper state of consciousness and a new experience of Life itself. We transcend normal ways of thinking about the world and experience deeper feelings of Joy, Peace, and Love. Our meditation becomes more profound and concentrated as we dive deeper into the essence of our being. We come together to create a sacred space for supporting one another on the spiritual path. We see life in more vivid colors. Through music, we sing our praises to the True Self, That which is the Source of all Creation. We journey back to our True Nature, the Pure Soul, the Infinite Self - beyond all suffering and duality. Please join me in this journey back Home. It is a very special opportunity...

With love,

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