Monday, May 20, 2013

A Note that Opens my Heart

Dear Friends,
   Durga Devi - also known as Donna - opened her home to satsang. She stepped into the unknown, inviting her friends to this event. Satsang is unknown for me too. I'm surprised words come out of my mouth, considering I don't have any plans. "Can you tell me the format of the satsang?" Durga Devi asked. "No, I have no idea. Let's see what happens," I replied. I suppose this reply was not very comforting, but it certainly is mysterious. Truth is a Mystery. As I let go into the Mystery, I face all of my fears, nervousness and anxiety, and they dissolve in the Energy. My mind is fairly empty as satsang begins, and then the mouth starts talking about something. Where does it come from?

During satsang, Cotton Candy (the almost blind dog) came up to me to visit and later on, the cat came to visit me. Seems that the animals really like satsang. Jeff, Durga Devi's husband, offered his help immediately in whatever he could do to support the satsang. I am so thankful for his welcoming presence.

During the second satsang, the lighted candle behind me burst into bright flames. This was rather unusual. I picked up the candle to blow it out and burned my finger. Durga Devi brought some aloe vera plant to soothe the burn. Some days later, she came to a meditation in which I fell off my chair in a faint and burned my face on the rug. The face felt like it was on fire.

In a later satsang at Tina's home, Durga Devi gave me an envelope at the beginning, and I opened it. Inside there was a note which is attached below. It included a couple of aloe vera stems. I put some on my face and started to laugh and laugh. And now as I read this note, tears fill my eyes. I am here to serve You, dear Mother Divine. My life is for You. Let me wash Your feet with my tears of gratitude.

With love,

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  1. As you increase your light glow and burn brightly, these may come in reads....referring to the aloe vera plant enclosed. How beautiful and comforting, the healing energy is all around us to comfort us. After your Satsang last night at the home of Merrill and Tamaji I find I'm gripped with restlessness. I go back to sacred music for comfort. Layers are breaking off. THANK YOU BRIAN! with love, Linda Fitzpatrick