Sunday, May 12, 2013

Face Dive

Dear Friends,
After chanting for 20 minutes at the meditation group in White Plains, I took a deep breath and relaxed into a deep meditation. Suddenly I lost all sense of the world and thoughts passed by the mind very slowly. Their was a distant feeling of the neck cracking and the sound of gasps all around. Then opening my eyes, I looked around and wondered, "where am I? who are these people?" It appears I had fainted and I picked up my head from the floor and and sat back on the seat. "Are you ok?" they asked. I said, "I'm trying to find out who I am and where I am..." The group stared at me in concern, but I was totally at ease and relaxed. My face was on fire from the rug burns. They asked me if I might sit on the couch instead of on a precarious chair. "I'm good," I said as I grabbed hold of the sides of the chair. Overall, it was a very nice meditation. I'll think I'll go to the chiropractor tomorrow.

With love,

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