Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Amma the Hugging Saint

Dear Friends,
    I visited Amma this past weekend in Dallas. The weekend was quite intense. No one to travel with. No one to room with. Not much sleep. Magically, I ended up with 3 roommates, sleeping on a full bed. Although I was not able to get a hug token, one came to me by chance. Although I came with no one, a number of friends appeared. In the wee hours of the morning, I was working in the kitchen, cleaning off huge dishes. Those folks in the kitchen, hidden away from the main hall, are the unsung heroes, tirelessly keeping the kitchen running smoothly.
    I met Mani from Tulsa, Oklahoma on the 2nd day. His wife and 3 children were there. He taught me about faith, also called "sraddha." After meeting Amma, Mani experienced a series of synchronous events that he attributed to Amma's Grace. Through his trust in Amma's Grace, he lives in such Joy and enthusiasm. I am uplifted by his positivity. Indeed, I cannot help but smile, thinking of absolutely everything as the Will of the Guru. Floating on a river of Grace, I feel very excited to see what unfolds in life. Like a good book. The book of Brian has already been written. Thank you for your example, Mani. Let's read on and see what happens.

With love,

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