Saturday, June 29, 2013

Mind has an agenda

Dear Friends,

I must tell you about the mind. It has an agenda. I noticed this so clearly today. I attended a yoga charity event in Arlington, Texas at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium. At least 150 people laid their mats upon the football field, and Tom led the huge group in an intense yoga class. At some point, I could not raise the arms over my head, and sweat was pouring down my face.

During the asanas, the mind kept going back to the thought that it needed to network with find someone who would be interested in hosting make it a "worthwhile" trip. So the mind was not fully concentrated on the asanas. After the asanas, I watched the Bhakti House Band concert, and suddenly the mind slipped into a deep meditation. For a while, it gave up the agenda and relaxed. I wondered, "What am I for?" Why does the mind always need to have a reason for doing things? Why can't it just rest and relax just for the sake of being?

In a deeper meditation, I found myself offering assistance after the band had completed the concert. I had totally forgotten to fulfill my fantasy - meeting lots of yoga teachers and creating connections. Instead I enjoyed breaking down the band's stage. Finally, I was really enjoying something!

It is fun to notice the agenda of the mind. Once the agenda is seen, it can be surrendered or at least relaxed. Then a more natural action comes forth, an action of service and love. Who says we need a reason to do things?

With love,

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