Friday, May 9, 2014

A Poignant Moment

Dear Friend,

Sarah invited me to a hold a satsang for her Reiki Share group near Fort Worth, TX. I came in spite of my desire to attend another event that evening. Around 15 people showed up to join in satsang and a Reiki Energy exchange afterwards. After the gathering, Sarah tried to attend most of the gatherings I held in the area. It was not easy for her since she was also taking care of her 1 year old son, Jake. But she went out of her way to go to satsang.

One day, she told me she had seen Swami Purna behind me at that first gathering we had coordinated together. The Energy had called her to go more deeply into the Teachings - read His book, do His spiritual practices and connect to the mantras. She attended His conference calls and the recent retreat in Pennsylvania. Gently she would ask for guidance about how to connect to Swamiji more deeply, and I would share my own experience.

Recently Sarah went on a camping trip with her son, Jake (now 2 years old), and others. She walked alone into the woods to listen to the conference call with Swamiji that morning. Toward the end of the call, Jake approached her and took one of the earphone buds to put it up to his ear. He listened attentively, connecting to Swamiji's Grace. Sarah sent me this picture of the moment...a moment captured in history...a turning point on the wheel of Life. As I gaze at this picture, I have tears in my eyes. Jake was returning Home...

With love,

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