Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Let there be Light

Dear Friends,

What is inspiration? Breathe light into the being, and see how life changes. One's expression can become more joyous, excited, and full of vitality. If the being contains the darkness of depression or anxiety, one must empty oneself first before the light of inspiration can shine forth. Otherwise, it is easy to feel inspired one day and then lose that brilliance the next.

One way to live an inspired life is to associate with inspired people. The energy of such people will rub off on others. I love the depiction of Saint Francis in the movie, Brother Sun Sister Moon. He fell in love with God, the Holy Father, and began to beam love, joy, and compassion. He was awakened to his Soul, and when the human being is awakened to the Soul, it shines forth such inspiration that negativity cannot easily survive in this light. So his friends were highly influenced by the light, and soon, they followed him, renouncing their worldly life too. Even the Pope himself was deeply moved by the power of Saint Francis' Presence and encouraged him to spread the Teachings.

Swami Purna has been an inspiration to me. His Presence has so absolutely overwhelmed my soul that it is singing to the heavens. One can imagine a thousand angels from heaven singing together in one room, and perhaps that would touch upon my experience with Swamiji. My inner state is often exploding with  such energy that sometimes I can barely contain it. I want to share this Energy with others, and so, I set off on the road to hold satsangs. Satsang is about inspiring people - bringing the Energy of Peace, Joy, and Love. Awakening the Soul. Realizing there is only the One. God said, "let there be Light and there was Light."

With love,


  1. You are one of those inspiring people, Dear Brother Brainji! That's why I don't like to say good-bye when we talk ;) It's hard to want to end an interaction with one shining as you do. (I know I'm not the only one that feels this way about your presence.) Keep shining Your Light of Svamiji, Dear One. It is a Love Light that touches everyone you come in contact with. Thank you for traveling and sharing that light with as many as possible. In loving gratitude.

  2. I have never met a person who is so full of humility and passion for the divine..! Your simple insights are as deep as the oceans and full of grace and love. You have a devoted friend in Virginia Beach