Saturday, November 3, 2012


Dear Friends,

After the retreat in Austin, I sat outside and pondered the blessings of life. Surrounded by people who act out of love, hearing words of kindness and appreciation, in the presence of powerful spiritual energy, fed with fine foods, sitting in the cool shade of towering trees. Everywhere I am reminded of Him. He is the beauty of the world, the source of all thoughts, the power behind all emotions, the magic of the body's healing. How can I give back everything I have been given? How can I honor such a Creator? Let me bow down this mighty Love. Let me surrender to the Great One. Let me hold Him in my heart forever and ever. The Sun shines to awaken us. It gives light to everyone equally. It does not discriminate. What an incredible symbol of God!

Then I got present to the ocean of suffering in the world. All are longing to return to the Source, but happiness seems so fleeting. This earthly happiness is temporary. What is permanent and eternal? Let me be there for all those suffering on Earth. They are my own Self, my own Soul. In my surrender to Him, I give myself to the Whole, the fire of my Heart. Let this prayer be heard. What else to do but to serve the Whole, the Lord of my Heart?

This world is my own. Let me embrace it in my arms. Let me hold it like my own child. It is crying for help. Oh Lord, You are feeling pain, let me hold You. Everything will be okay. You are the Whole. You are Complete. You are the One. Come back.

For You,


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