Monday, November 19, 2012


Dear Friends,
    I stayed with Ana and Andres on Key Biscayne, Florida and held a satsang there. In Ana's presence, I felt the power of friendship. She encouraged me to look deeply within myself and discover the blocks to Love. What greater quest than this? I found that it was difficult to receive the kindness of others. Allowing Mother Lakshmi to come into life and bring abundance and prosperity. Even the smallest things. One day I left in the morning for a yoga class, leaving the bed in disarray. When I came back, the bed was neatly made. One look at this bed and I was in tears. The Mother gives so much, I am overwhelmed by Her generosity. I can never give back what She has given. I sat on the bed and caressed the covers. There is no such thing as a "little thing." Every little thing is enormously powerful if I let it into my heart. Oh Divine Mother, let me embrace every aspect of You. Let me live in constant awe of Thy Creation.

With Love,

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