Monday, November 26, 2012


Dear Friends,
    The day after Persistence crashed, I brought her to my friend, Bobby, who lives in Miami. We had planned to do this at least a week beforehand. I had bought 3 large boards and a carpet for the floor. For the next week, Bobby spent every night after a long day's work laboring on her. Building the new floor over her naked inside, cleansing the oil-soaked carpets, installing a light inside, polishing the chrome, painting over rusted parts, fixing the gas fume leak, installing a dress on the bed to hide the frame, fixing the solar panel which had fallen off. Last night, I went to pick her up and hardly recognized the van. She was born again! Inside it looks like a home. Driving her around, I discovered that the smell of gas was gone. My body would be happy to live in such a clean environment. Bobby did all of this for me as a gift. He said he did it because "it makes my heart feel good. I am happy when I see others happy." He also said that he's trying to learn more about spirituality because he hasn't had time to attend satsangs. "I've fallen behind," he said.
    Bobby's simple humility brings tears to my eyes. How can I write about him? Words cannot describe the soul. The soul can only be felt. I cannot repay Bobby. He has repaired so much more than just my van. He is a living example of Truth. Satyam shivam sundaram. Satya meva jyate nanrtam. The Truth is beautiful. Victory to the Truth.

All my love,

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