Monday, November 19, 2012

From Spark to Fire

Dear Friends,
    I travelled to Winter Park just north of Orlando to stay with Mark and discovered a handful of people ready to spread the Teachings of Swamiji. Excitement is building. Satsang was held at Eva's home. She has encouraged me to come back to Orlando for a couple months to hold satsangs every week. Michel is ready to host them at his home in nearby Longwood. It is my deep honor to work together with them. With this sort of support, the power of satsang grows into a roaring fire. As others experience this expanded commitment, the feeling catches on like a fire. The Light shines more brightly. We hold one another in a unified field - in a greater possibility. I used to sit my room alone in meditation like a hermit enjoying his peace and quiet. Now I have discovered Grace in community - people coming together for a mighty Cause. This is inspiring and moving. Together we uplift one another. Together we are greater. Together we are One.

With love,

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